Black Tiger Boxing Club
Extend your capacity through fitness boxing and get more agility, sharpen your mind, reaction and fearlessness. Work with your whole body from head to toe, arms, legs, abs, back, neck, shoulders.
We focus on skills, strength training and conditioning with
weighted exercises is the best way to develop the Capacities of the body. 
The training can easily transfer to any other sport. This sport is one of the best sports to reach full body fitness.
The improved condition increases the reaction speed and concentration.
Self-confidence, will, power, courage and fairness is also promoted. 
Through specific and disciplined training methods all muscle groups are trained.
Techniques, tactical refinements, discipline, fitness, coordination, speed, strategy,
Women fitness, self-defense agility and strength. Boxing fitness supports your self-confident.
Learn more about your strength and weaknesses and overcome your fears.
Through fitness boxing you are able to deal with different pressure situations in your daily life.
Take your chance now to join our limited membership at BTB Club in the new Johari Rotana Hotel.
BTB Club is a well-developed form of fitness boxing combination that offers you a box-specific service.

Join our exclusive club now and become a member. Limited membership up to 30
people, limited discount offer now.
You will receive numerous benefits:
Member Access and Validity 
This BTB Club membership agreement entitles the member to access to BTB Club and Johari Rotana Hotel Level 8 facilities so long
as all dues are current. Membership is only validity with the following BTB Club Packages. Hours and specific location access are as follows: 
24/7 Personal access to level 8 at Rotana Hotel includes:   
Fitness gym, locker, towel usage, changing room with shower, steam room, sauna. 
Pool area, bar, coffee shop, restaurant, hairdresser, massage pedicure-manicure. 
Extra charges may apply. 
Opening hours of Rotana facilities variates
Classes will be hold with max. 4 people 
Limited membership offer for only up to 30 people  
Every BTBC package can be flexible booked on monthly base! 
BTBC Membership Dues
The Member agrees to pay either monthly, quarterly, half annual or annual dues, indicated by selecting an option in the table below. These
dues may be paid by automatic debit or credit card transaction or in-person via debit, credit, or cash. The payment can be done in the Johari
Rotana Hotel.

NamePriceQYTDiscountAnnual Commitment
Monthly$125.0012 0%$1500.00
Half year$625.00216.66%$1250.00

Membership is only valid in combination with one of the following packages.

Membership includes the BTB Package with 2 h a45 min. lessons in group of max. 4 people

Optional BTB Packages on a monthly base:
Individual Trainer lessons, 60 min. per lessons: price per hour $50
10 lessons card 60 min. per lesson: $350
5 lessons card 60 min. per lesson: $200
Hotel guest $55 per lesson: 60 min.

Tsh equivalent on daily exchange rate.